Prescription Assistance

Provides information about access to reduced-price and free medications.

This website sponsored by the National Council on Aging is set up to help you find what state, federal and local government health and financial programs are available in your area.
This national level website allows you to find out about prescription drug insurance plans available in your area. Enter your zip code and then click "Find Plans."
Medicare offers a program for persons with limited income who need help paying for their medications. Support can come in the form of reduced premiums, a reduced annual deductible, or reduced prescription co-payments. Even people who own their own home can qualify. Eligibility is based on income and resources other than a car or house.
Sponsored by Volunteers in Health Care, this web-based, national service provides information regarding programs to assist with the cost of prescription drugs and tips for choosing the program that is best for you. RxAssist does not process applications. They are simply an information and referral website. RxAssist also offers assistance to physicians, with a “Provider Center” and a list serve for providers wishing to network about medication access.
The Medicine Program is a privately sponsored, nationwide service offering prescription medicine free-of-charge to individuals in need, regardless of age, if they meet the sponsor's criteria. To participate in this national program, you must not have insurance or access to a government program that pays for prescriptions. After completing an application, if you are approved and enrolled, your medication will be sent to your doctor and s/he will dispense it to you free of charge.
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