For Physicians and other Medical Professionals

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Our goal at Transitions is to make it easier for you to care for your patients. You remain the physician in charge. We simply support you with an interdisciplinary team of medical, spiritual, and social work professionals. And volunteers!

Resources to help you help families
Part of our unique commitment to you includes educational articles for families, available 24/7. We invite you to use and print out any article you like regarding these common, day-to-day issues of caregiving and serious illness:

  • Difficult Symptoms
    Support for common problems with serious illness, from managing pain and dyspnea to easing fatigue, nausea, depression, and anxiety.
  • Emotional-Spiritual Issues
    Reframing hope in the context of serious illness. Learning to balance joy and grief, resolve family conflict, and explore some of the spiritual questions that arise in challenging times.
  • Living with Illness
    Tips for families as they navigate the daily realities of cancer, CHF, COPD, and dementia.
  • Important Decisions
    Questions and reflections to help define goals of care. What comprises quality of life for the patient? Straight talk about life support measures and likely outcomes. Explanation of the advance directive.