Help Us Help Others

Kent County’s Frank Shivick of Felton, and his wife, Linda, were devastated with the news that Frank had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). They immediately began to search for resources and learn more about the disease and to prepare themselves for the future inevitable onset of symptoms.

Frank and Linda also found help from the Transitions program of Delaware Hospice. They contacted the Transitions Coordinator, who immediately began communicating with the Shivick’s regularly, checking on their needs and listening to their concerns. Frank said, “The Coordinator’s personality and demeanor were wonderful. She would sometimes pass by for a visit and we’d sit and talk for hours.” Read more about the Shivick’s story.

In Sussex County, Nancy Arocho’s life couldn’t have looked brighter when she moved from Puerto Rico to Georgetown at the age of 25. A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Science, she had been recruited by Perdue Farms as a Production Supervisor, where she would oversee 55 employees in the processing plant.

Less than one year later, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and shortness of breath became a diagnosis of Lupus. Nancy endured traumatic experiences during the next few years, but the Transitions program helped her move ahead with her life. Read more about Nancy Arocho’s story.

Frank and Nancy are just two of the many individuals that the Transitions Program has been able to assist in the past several years. Providing both physical and emotional support to families in need while they adapt to a new way of life. As a Delaware Hospice program, the services provided by the Transitions program is free of charge, supported primarily through the generosity of donors.

To help the Transitions Program continue its mission to aid individuals in need like Frank and Nancy, please consider making a contribution to Delaware Hospice. With your help, we may be able to reach out to more patients and help them achieve peace of mind during their time of trial. On behalf of our patients and their families thank you for your support.